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Some of our students express their opinions on life at Diablo Valley School.

Nina made this video ...

anthony Anthony: "I like playing with my friends. I like to use junk. I make stuff with it. I'm good at making stuff." [more]
dash Dash: "With this school because it's small, even the big kids interact with the little kids. It's a nice community." [more]
anna kate wearing white hat Anna Kate: "I like running meetings. I've been the School Meeting Chair, Elections Clerk, and Judicial Committee Clerk." [more]
adriana Adriana: "All my friends tell me I'm a lot calmer since coming here. I'm not all tense about not having enough time and taking tests. And I've been on the yearbook committee for two years." [more]
joanna Joanna: "Most of the materials are here for things I want to do. I really like that they have so many kinds of activities. They have a lot of art materials." [more]
griffin, micaela, larry Griffin, Micaela, and Larry: "We always try to reach out to new people and talk to them." [more]
yoel Yo'el: "The most enjoyable thing is the social interaction and everything that comes along with it." [more]
rose Rose: "I've taken photography, English literature, zine making, math, SAT prep, cooking, vegan cooking, candy making, arts and crafts..." [more]
brenan Brenan: "The staff helped me by being people that I could respect. They gained my respect by working hard at something that is hard." [more]


a parent What is it like for parents to have a child in this kind of school? This video includes interviews with a parent, students, and staff at various democratic schools, including Evelyn -- a parent at Diablo Valley School.