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During our 15th anniversary celebration in 2012, current and past members of the school wrote messages about what DVS means to them.
happy girl


When I began looking for a school that honored the child, I never thought I would find it. Thank you DVS for making my dream for my son come true.
Doreen, parent

DVS brings happiness, acceptance and inspiration to our family life. We are able to live the good life, free to be who we are. Thank you so much!
Nicky, parent

I am so grateful to have gone to DVS. I‘m glad it‘s been here for the last 15 years, and I hope it will continue for future generations!
Alyssa, graduate

Thank you for bringing the joy of learning for learning‘s sake back to my child.
Heather, parent

Thank you for two and a half years of encouragement for our grandson. He has accepted independence and responsibility for school and his present and future accomplishments.
Cindy, grandparent

We are thankful there is a group of people willing to stand up for children.
Brianne and Tony, parents

Thank you for everything you‘ve done for our kids. They‘ve learned and grown so much.
Marie and Daniel, parents

DVS became a safe space for me to come every day without fear of harsh judgment. It gave me the confidence to be me again and embrace it.
Emiko, student

DVS is the best!!! More than a school, DVS is truly a community. Shelly, parent

Schools like this let the colors of life show through.
Andrew, parent

Thanks for helping our children to bloom! Carine, parent