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Anthony is 5 years old. This is his first year at DVS.

Anthony's Viewpoint

How old are you?
Five. And a half. I was 44 [inches tall] but now I'm 45.

What do you like doing at DVS?
Playing with my friends. That's what I like. That's what I only like.

What do you do when you come each day?
Play outside.

Are there any things that you like to use here?
I like to use junk. I make stuff with it.

What are you good at?
I'm good at making stuff.

What do you think about Judicial Committee (JC) and School Meeting?
They're good. Why? Because they're so awesome. I always go to JC when I'm wroted up [written up] or not. Why? Because the people tell me to.

How do the kids get along with each other here?
They be my friends.